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John F. Evans

John F. Evans, MAT, MA, Ed.D is the founder and executive director of Wellness & Writing Connections. He is an expressive writing clinician, expressive writing researcher, and national board certified health and wellness coach who teaches groups, individuals, and health care professionals how to use writing for better physical, emotional, and spiritual health.  An author of five books, he has taught journaling and writing for self-development for over thirty-five years.

Dr. Evans' key books include Expressive Writing: Words that Heal (2014) co-authored with James Pennebaker. and Wellness & Writing Connections: Writing for Better Physical, Mental, and Spiritual Health (2010), a collection of essays from the Wellness & Writing Connections Conference Series. In addition, Dr. Evans has been awarded several research grants at Duke Integrative Medicine, Duke Medical School, Duke Cancer Institute, and the Duke Health and Humanities Lab focused on the positive health impacts of expressive writing for a variety of populations.

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Who I Help

I have worked with individuals, healthcare professionals, and mental health professionals. Both men and women have found coaching and expressive writing beneficial as a tool to assist in their journey.

How I Do It

My clients are the ones who set the direction for coaching sessions. The courses and workshops I offer are based on the research conducted at Duke Integrative Medicine. My approach to writing for health and resiliency involves responding to structured prompts, followed by reflection on what you have written and discussion centered on your reflections. 

What's in It for You

Whether you are looking for a more individualized coaching experience or more of a self-paced writing experience, improved immunity, improved overall health, and an increased satisfaction with at least some aspect of your life.

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