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Building Resilience

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Navigating our to do lists, ours and others' expectations, our relationships, and our own basic needs can be overwhelming. Yet, we all know (in our heads at least) that everything runs more smoothly if we take the time to take care of ourselves.

At Wellness and Writing Connections, we provide the tools and support you desire through online courses or through integrative health coaching.

Our online courses offer an efficient, evidenced-based process to increases wellness and build resilience.

We also offer a more individual approach through a series of one-on-one sessions with a coach who partners with you to uncover your own health journey by serving as your guide. 

Whichever approach better meets your needs, our goal is to provide an opportunity for you to explore what might be holding you back, to nourish your spirit, and to thrive.

Enhancing your physical, emotional, and spiritual health with coaching and mindful writing enables you to build resilience and handle the complexity and the challenges life sends your way. 

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Programs to Fit Your Style

Your path for personal growth is as unique as you are. Whether you are looking for a guided program, a more personalized coaching experience, or a workshop for your healthcare team, we have a variety of options to fit your needs. 

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A Process for Healing

You don't have to be a writer, have loved English class or even like keeping a journal to benefit from using writing to improve your health.  Our approach to writing for health and resiliency involves responding to structured prompts, followed by reflection on what you have written and discussion centered on your reflections. Our online classes incorporate a number of different  forms of writing: expressive, transactional, poetic, affirmative, legacy, and mindful writing.

Health and Wellness Coaching

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Twelve Weeks to a Change

Dr. Evans offers one-on-one health coaching either in person (for those in the Raleigh-Durham, NC area) or virtually, whichever is convenient for you.  Coaching engagements may take many forms, but commonly consist of twelve hourly sessions held once a week and focus on a goal of your choice.  These client-centered health coaching engagements focus on achieving your vision of optimal health and wellness. 



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Designed for Your Team

We create custom courses and workshops for individuals or groups, both professionals and lay persons.  For those individuals who are keenly interested in this type of work and want to be fully trained to apply Dr. Evans' approach with their own clients or patients, Wellness & Writing Connections offers  a certification program that provides experience with evidenced-based applications and the training to become a certified expressive writing facilitator. .   

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Success Stories

John is an incredible health coach. I do not say this lightly. He has helped me see myself as I truly am. A friend said about him "he makes you want to write well, he is inspiring." Instead of getting depressed, I now write. Through writing, I change my outlook on situations. I can start out feeling angry and powerless and ended up empowered.

 Alex O'Conn0r, Coaching Client

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